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Sex Sells – 5 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bloggers Share What Makes Them Feel Sexy

Two weeks ago I posted a collaborative piece in which 8 phenomenal bloggers shared their secrets for staying focused online. I tweeted the announcement of this post claiming it was “8 Smokin’ Hot Bloggers Talking About Sex” in a shameless attempt to get more people to click the link.

It worked. But I also got called out on my little deception by the incredible Leela. She’s a sex coach (no, she won’t do that) who helps women rediscover their inner sexy-juicy [...]

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Focus, Dammit! 3 Ways to Break Out of Boring

Jenny’s Note: Today’s awesome post is writtin by Roger, AKA FloorElf. I first met Roger through the CustomerLove challenge and liked him immediately. His larger-than-life personality mixed with a generous heart and razor-sharp wit has made him an instant favorite online. Roger’s insights on what it takes to capture (and keep) his readers’ interest offer valuable lessons for each of us. Find him at FloorElf and TileArtCenter or stalk him in Twitter @FloorElf.

Focus, Damnit!

Those two little words right there run through [...]

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Avoiding the Time-Sucking Traps: 8 Smokin’ Hot Bloggers Share Their Secrets for Staying Focused Online

Realizing I’m surrounded by amazingly talented and successful entrepreneurs, I decided to ask them to share with you their secrets for staying focused online. As you’ll see, it’s not easy for anyone no matter how much or how long they’ve worked online.

It’s well-worth the few short minutes it’ll take to read it…and please don’t forget to share!

Rachael from CaffeinatedElf

First, get everything in front of you that you need in order to accomplish the task at hand. Download files from your email, [...]

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What’s My Name, Bitch? Or…Me and My Big Mouth

As much as Naomi Dunford might like to go on believing she’s the most avid connoisseur of raunchy hard-core porn…probably so she can continue to not be totally skeeved out in tight public spaces…we all know it’s simply not true. This is precisely why I avoid crowded places, by the way, unless Naomi’s there.

(Sorry Naomi, the title was just too damn good not to be used.)

That said, let’s move on to my big mouth.

In the past couple weeks I [...]

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How to Stop Procrastinating…and Start Dreaming

Procrastination, like anything else, is in the eye of the beholder.

I tend to think people use procrastination as a tool for self-sabotage by the way they perceive it instead of through the actual act of avoidance.

Come with me as we go down a windy road towards the truth about procrastination.

Emotions are created by a bunch of neurochemicals responding to external stimuli. When we’re in danger, our brain releases adrenalin and other chemicals which prepare our body for either [...]

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