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Hey there! My name is Jason and I believe that being a writer is my true life call! This credo follows me since the early years in college. Drama clubs, football matches, and writing club gatherings – my life has never been boring. So to get straight forward: I`m a 28-years-old writer from Arlington, Texas. Travelling is my main passion, as well as discoveries, investigations and writing. Thus, I do enjoy spending time with laptop at some café making blog posts for different resources. As far, as lately I have found myself doing some investigations about online resources that provide customers with different services. These last months I understood the importance of writing services reviews sites. I used to be a student myself, and I remember all those troubles that sometimes my friends and I were facing. And I couldn’t stop myself from saying “Why not to make investigations about writing resources that help students all around the world?.

As I personally try-n-buy each paper from the each highlighted resource, sometimes it is hard to be honest and objective in each review I make. Hence I communicate with the students, who are also using such services and they are telling me about their experience as well. Together we figured out the main factors you should pay attention to when picking a service: provided information on service`s website (some promise a lot but give you a little); no support via phone or chat, but only email; no direct contact with writer; unexplainable additional charges for “better” quality. It is very important to ask all the possible questions before ordering, as well as asking for samples from the writer you are going to work with. You pay your money, and you deserve to know what you are going to get. Do not ever hesitate to ask something you have doubts about!

I hope you will enjoy some time spent here and it will be useful for you. I constantly make reviews of writing services in order to tell you all the truth about them.