What Book Can You Recommend Your Kid for Summer Reading?

Summer is a time to clear off the air on anything that equates to straining the mind. School work is one of those. When kids are around for summer, then you have to come up with activities that will make them feel relaxed and enjoy summer plus whatever comes with it. Reading cool books, not school related, could be one such activity that could help them have a fulfilling summer.

Before we list the book recommendation for your kid this summer, here are reasons why you should strongly consider getting your kid a book and making them read from a tender age. First things first, Glenn Doman’s book will give you insights on how to go about when you want your child to be a reader.

  • Reading is a great tool used to the forefront a child’s concentration
  • It helps in improving child memory. A child who reads will rarely have amnesia
  • They get to experience the other parts of the world through different stories
  • It is a brain exercise that is considered to boost a child’s comprehension and vocabulary
  • It heightens the critical thinking skills of the children
  • Since reading gives you an emotional touch, in children, it will give them a reason to be empathetic
  • Any reader, a child or not always has an expansive mind especially when it comes to language
  • A child who reads can be great at imagination. They may end up becoming even better writers
  • It builds ups self-image in terms of confidence since the reader will have a rich language capacity
  • Since reading is a fun activity, it is therefore considered a source for entertainment

Here are some of the books that you shouldn’t leave out when buying books for your children during summer

  • Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe- As a child, I bet you fascinated by the sight of fireflies. Catching them was a sport you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Julie, in this book, draws images on how much joy children have when they are catching the fireflies with their peers.
  • Summer by Gerda Muller- Muller’s book is one that you can formulate your own words when reading them. The illustrations therein are so perfect and are in line with the season of the title of the book; Summer.
  • Peter in Blue Berry Land by Elsa Beskow- Sons always want to make their mother’s birthday special. This time, Peter decides to look for berries and ends up in an exhilarating adventure in the land of berries.
  • Mama, Is it Summer Yet? By Nikki McClure- curiosity, as they said, killed the cat, but in this case, a little boy is so curious to find out if summer is on. That explains the title of the book which has an extension in the book because mama will explain to the son if it is summer or not.
  • Marshmallow Kisses by Linda Crota Bennan- this one should be on top of the list if any, when you want to buy summer books. It gives children ideas on what to do during summer time. The illustrations in that book are out of this world. A book with rhyming texts will always be a memorable one. Your child would be stunned if you purchased for them this book during summer.
  • Flowers Fairies of the Summer by Cicely Mary Barker- this is such an old book since it was published in the 1920s. In her book, Cicely has excellent illustrations of flowers with different colors and poems that make you want to keep reading the book over and over. You should get this oldie that will excite your child especially if they love flowers.
  • Summer Days and Night by Wong Herbert Yee- Wong gives an account of a child who tries a number of adventures during summer. The kid goes out of her way to find solace in little things such as catching butterflies, finding coolness in the swimming pool going on a picnic; to name just but a few activities that she fancied doing during summer.

There is no way we could list all the books that we highly recommend for your child to read during summer. We have selected the best from the long list we had. There are still a variety of summer books for kids that you can choose from and gift them to your kid during summer. We hope that they will be glad that you gifted them the book. Part of responsible parenting is taking care of your children even when they have not asked you to. When they grow up, all gratitude will be to you for instilling a reading culture in them. I hope they pass that to their generations.